Medical device solution provider to the African continent.

Patient Warming

HotDog patient warming makes blowing hot air obsolete. HotDog provides effective warming, meets governmental warming protocols, and eliminates the risks of blowing air — all at a significant cost savings.

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Medical Sutures

Wounds which do not heal naturally are treated with wound closure devices. The affected tissues need to be kept in opposition until the healing process provides the wound with proper strength to stand against the stress without any assistance.

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Alpha Access produces, tests, seals and packages condoms for consumers according to their unique requirements, using the same industry approved technology that is used by the big manufacturers in the world.

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MinDiagnosticsTM develops and manufactures high quality, point of care rapid diagnostics tests for the detection of human and animal diseases that plague the African continent.

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The WellPro is designed specifically to eliminate tedious hand pipetting and complicated slow robotic protocols. Automated Diluting, Pipetting, Dispensing with proven reliability, accuracy and speed.

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